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Big tit ebony beauty, Jamie Sax, exposes her huge black boobs.These are a few photos from my latest cock sucking shoot. I know you all love my big black tits and seeing me doing deep throat so I am adding some really hot photos to my blog.  The above photo is of me with my 42F tits exposed after pulling  my white bra down. Wouldn’t you love to stick your hard dick  between my huge black fun bags, and give me a titty fuck?

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Jamie Sax's big black cum covered tits.I little secret about me, which isn’t a secret anymore, is that I like looking at photos of cum on my boobs. After I give head, and a guy shoots his load on my big black tits, I always take photos of my cum covered tits with my phone. Even after doing a photo shoot. I really get off on seeing my tits covered in sperm. Check out my latest cock sucking video.

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Jamie Sax exposes her huge 42F big black tits.

You need to check out my latest video clip on HandJobMoms.com where I am am tugging on a white cock. I had never really done hand jobs before. I am more of a cock sucker, but I was willing to try it. With my long slender fingers, and long nails, it seemed like it would be very erotic. Tell me what you think.

Big tit, Jamie Sax, gives white cock a hand job.

I spit my very special slippery saliva on the erect cock and started pumping. I normally use my slippery saliva for doing deep throat but it seems to work perfect for hand jobs too. No need for lube! I pumped this white cock until I got a load of creamy white sperm all over my big black tits. I really love cock and cum! I guess you can tell?

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Big tit ebony beauty, Jamie Sax.

I know you all want to see the hardcore, cock sucking, deep throat photos, but  I just wanted to post some seductive and sexy shots from my last photo shoot. I hope you will fantasize about me wrapping my thick black lips around your white cock and taking it deep in my throat.

Jamie Sax's huge tits and ebony beauty.

Maybe if you are good boy I will will let you fuck my big black 42F tits. If you are really good, I might even let you cum in my mouth as I deep throat your big fat white dick. It is up to you! I am here to service your sexual needs.

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Jamie Sax shows of her cleavage and high heeled long legs.My big black tits are my best asset, but I have a great set of long legs too. Did I mention my deep cleavage? I am sure you all love my huge tits, but I do have a great set of legs, as you can see. If you are looking for a classy black bbw woman with a fantastic set of long legs, huge natural tits, thick lips, and a natural talent for doing deep throat cock sucking,… that’s me. Check out my video clips, and if you want to get your cock sucked, or fuck my my 42F tits, comment on my blog to let me know. I am open to almost anything.

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Thick lipped, big tit ebony beauty, Jamie Sax.These are some photos from my latest photo shoot that I hope you enjoy. If your are a lover of thick lipped, big tit ebony babes, you will appreciate my latest video and and photos. My full, thick lips, are wrapped around cock  for some deep throat cock sucking, and my big black tits get covered in cum.

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Big tit, Jamie Sax, gets a skull drilling by white cock.I love sucking white cock, and this is a photo from my latest shoot. After doing a nude photo shoot on the stairs, with my big black tits exposed, I climbed up the stairs and went down on this guys cock. I then sat at the top of stairs and he skull drilled me. He drove his cock deep down my throat! I love deep throating cock, and had no problem letting him use my mouth like a pussy. He fucked my face as I held onto his leg, forcing his hard cock deep down my throat. When he was ready to cum, I grabbed his dick, and with my help, sprayed his creamy white cum all over my big black boobs. The video clip is really hot! Click here to check it out.