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Thick lipped, big tit, Jamie Sax does a blow job.

When I as growing up, other kids use to make fun of  my thick lips. I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t wear lipstick and would do anything to make my lips look smaller. I felt like I was deformed. It was the same for my big tits. But, with my tits, I actually got looks from guys and girls, and sexual offers. Guys wanted to fuck and suck my big black  tits, and of course fuck my pussy, which is typical. Girls wanted to suck on my big  and eat my pussy. I took advantage of both and got fucked by guys and had my pussy eaten by girls.

When I started sucking cock, at an early age, I realized that my thick lips added to the sensation of sucking a guys cock. I have the ability to open my throat muscles to deep throat cock and then  my thick lips act like suction cups at the base of his cock, when it is deep down my throat. Now I love my thick black lips! They help me give the best head any guy can get from a women. As Bob from BlowBob.com says, I am am the best deep throat cock sucker he has ever met, and he has had his dick sucked by hundreds of women.

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Jamie Sax exposes her huge 42F big black tits.

You need to check out my latest video clip on HandJobMoms.com where I am am tugging on a white cock. I had never really done hand jobs before. I am more of a cock sucker, but I was willing to try it. With my long slender fingers, and long nails, it seemed like it would be very erotic. Tell me what you think.

Big tit, Jamie Sax, gives white cock a hand job.

I spit my very special slippery saliva on the erect cock and started pumping. I normally use my slippery saliva for doing deep throat but it seems to work perfect for hand jobs too. No need for lube! I pumped this white cock until I got a load of creamy white sperm all over my big black tits. I really love cock and cum! I guess you can tell?

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Big tit ebony beauty, Jamie Sax.

I know you all want to see the hardcore, cock sucking, deep throat photos, but  I just wanted to post some seductive and sexy shots from my last photo shoot. I hope you will fantasize about me wrapping my thick black lips around your white cock and taking it deep in my throat.

Jamie Sax's huge tits and ebony beauty.

Maybe if you are good boy I will will let you fuck my big black 42F tits. If you are really good, I might even let you cum in my mouth as I deep throat your big fat white dick. It is up to you! I am here to service your sexual needs.

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Secretary big tit Jamie Sax in glassesYou may not know, but I work in an office during the day as a secretary, and in the evenings I am a deep throat cock sucker. I have always had a desire to suck my bosses white cock and decided to live my fantasy in a photo shoot. Giving dicktation in glasses, high heels, a short skirt, and my big black tits exposed. Dressed like the this photo I am sure my bosses big white cock would be as hard as a rock.

Jamie Sax wearing glasses sucking white cock.I would knell down in-front of him, unzip his pants, and pull out his erect cock. Now I am the boss! I would lick, suck and deep throat his dick until I got him to shoot his cum on my big black tits. I know how to service my bosses needs.

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Jamie Sax, the big tit bbw, is in her knees, handcuffed to suck cock.Do you like black babes that are a little bit kinky? Well, I can be a submissive when it come to giving head and do not mind being restrained. These are photos from my latest video where I am handcuffed, on my knees, and deep throating white cock.

Jamie Sax, the big tit black babe, services white cock, while being handcuffedI am sucking cock, with my big black tits hanging out, and spit from my deep throating is dripping all over my boobs. I am still handcuffed and only using my mouth to service white cock.

Thick lipped black babe, Jamie Sax, gives deep throat.Did I mention my thick black lips that I use to wrap around cock to suck it down my throat? I just love sucking cock and being used as a skull fucking machine. With my thick lips and deep throat abilities, I do not need my hands. When I suck your cock you will have the time of your life.

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Big tit black BBW, Jamie Sax worships white cock.I love white cock! They contrast between my dark ebony skin is visually, very erotic. My thick black lips, or my big black tits wrapped a white cock is what I crave. Seeing my photos, or video of me sucking and deep throating a white cock really turns me on. This photo is from my latest video of me sucking a white cock as I watched myself on camera. I am wrapping my 42F tits around the cock as I am licking it’s pink head, and my nipple. Then! I drive my head down the white shaft, pushing it deep down my throat. If you like real deep throat, and black babes that worship white cock, check-out my videos.